We can introduce you to a finance broker, who will have available a wide panel of funders that may be able to finance your next vehicle from Holwood Cars Ltd. Our broker is Creative Funding Solutions™, who promise:

  1. To deliver a funding solution unique to you.
  2. Because what we do for you, we don't do for everyone.
  3. We're not just about vehicle finance, but easy finance.
  4. We will be totally dedicated to your application.
  5. We share your love of a holwood cars ltd.
  6. We won't burden you with an asset you cannot afford.
  7. We won't leave you to fend for yourself after the deal is done.
  8. You don't need to know everything that can happen in advance.
  9. We take care of everything.
  10. Our lightning quick turnaround can get you into your next vehicle in no time.

We work closely with Creative™, who are FCA registered brokers, licence no. 631176, because we’ve found them to deliver exactly what they promise to our customers – easy, affordable finance. So why not ask us for an introduction today?

Alternatively you may find a broker or independent financial advisor yourself to assist you. However, please note that due to our tied relationship with Creative Funding Solutions, it would be a breach of Financial Conduct Authority rules for us to introduce you to anyone else. Not that we’d ever want to.

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